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Combined Procedures

After significant weight loss, usually, multiple body parts are affected. This can include the abdomen, hips, buttock, thighs, calves, breast, back, arms, neck, and face. Often, weight loss patients want all these areas addressed. Your chosen plastic surgeon will work with you to try to combine as many procedures at one time as possible. Your chosen plastic surgeon will carefully work with you to decide a game plan that is both effective and safe. Typical scenarios include an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), mastopexy (breast lift), and breast augmentation. Often, this is referred to as a “mommy makeover.” Other combined procedures can include a 360 circumferential lower body lift and a thigh reduction or thigh lift. Another combination is brachioplasty (arm reduction), mastopexy (breast lift), and breast augmentation. This can also be combined with a torsoplasty. Other combinations can include the face and neck lift. Usually, your medical health is the prime determinant of how many of these procedures can be safely combined. Another critical component is your plastic surgeon's skill level and his surgical team's ability to complete your desired surgeries. Because of newer techniques, careful postoperative management, and a skilled team, combining procedures can be successfully accomplished. However, combining procedures will increase your anesthetic time and thus, can increase your recovery time. However, having more procedures done during one surgery will decrease your number of surgeries and recoveries.