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When can I have my body contouring surgery done?
Usually, we recommend that the patient wait until their weight stabilizes after their bariatric procedure for several months. This occurs about one year after their surgery.

What area do I do first?
This depends on what area bothers you the most and you wish corrected first.

Can some of the procedures be combined?
Yes, and this will be discussed with you on your initial consultation with your plastic surgeon.

Why should I go to a member of the American Society of Bariatric Plastic Surgeons?
We are plastic surgeons who have knowledge and experience in these procedures and have a special interest in obtaining the best possible outcome for you.

Can any of these procedures be done as an outpatient?
Yes, many can be done as an outpatient but that too depends on the planned length of the operation, its complexity, and whether there are combined procedures. You should discuss these with your plastic surgeon.

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