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American Society of Bariatric Plastic Surgeons & International Society of Bariatric Plastic Surgeons

Meeting date: July 26-28 2017

Location: Anguilla(Caribbean) -Cuisinart Golf Resort


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This program has been reviewed by the Educational Council and is officially Endorsed by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).  


Attendance: Members of ASBPS & ISBPS and plastic surgeons/allied specialists

Registration fee:$450






July 26- Day #1

Time: 9AM-12AM Coffee/Rolls-Sunrise Room

Welcome/Introductory,Opening Remarks-President of ASBPS/ISBPS/Scientific Chairman

Bariatric Surgery-State of Art-Lap Band/Gastric Bypass/Gastric Balloon


Question & Answer-Surgeon(s) interacting with attendees



Time: 5PM-7PM Coffee/Rolls/Drinks(?)

Sponsors Exhibits

Round Table Discussions-Moderator

How I do it

Anesthesia/Sutures/Incisions/Markings/Drains/Mesh/Tissue Glue/Garments

July 27-Day #2

Time:9AM-12AM Coffee/Rolls-Sunrise Room

Live Surgery from Hughes Medical Center- BREAST MASTOPEXY/BREAST AUGMENTATION


Time:5PM-7PM Coffee/Rolls/Drinks(?)

Sponsors Exhibits

         Round Table Discussions-Moderator

How I do it

Different Types of Mastopexy/Implants-Shaped-XL/Internal Bra/Fat Grafting/Garments



July 28-Day #3

Time:9AM-10AM Coffee/Rolls-Sunrise Room

Sponsors Exhibits

Round Table Discussion-Moderator


How I do it

BRACHIOPLASTY-Symmetry/Scarring/Anesthesia/Garments/Limited incision-armpit

BUTTOCK SURGERY-Implants(intramuscular/subfascial/submuscular) vs fat grafting, activity post op/


Time:5PM -7PM Coffee/Rolls/Drinks(?)

Sponsors Exhibits

Round Table Discussions-Moderator

How I do it

COMBINING PROCEDURES-Safety/Time in OR/Pulmonary Embolus-Levanox, Mechanical stockings/Autologous blood/Team/Hospitalization vs Outpatient/Positioning/Postop

Closing Remarks/Adjourn





Anguilla information- visit (

    Anguilla is a friendly, English-speaking island located in the northeastern Caribbean.  A safe and peaceful community, Anguillians are gracious and hospitable, warm and welcoming.  Our island home is easy to explore with wonderful places and people to meet from end to end.
Language: English

Government: British Overseas Territory

Capital: The Valley

Size: 35 square miles; 16 miles long by 3 miles wide at widest point

Population: 14,886 (according to last census)

Location: Eastern Caribbean, between Saint Maarten(SXM) and Saint Barts

Climate and Temperature: 80°F monthly mean temperature, water temperatures generally range between 70°F and 80°F

Rainfall: 35 inches per year: rainy season is usually September through October, driest months are February and March

Electricity: 110 Volts AC, same as the United States

Currency: While the Eastern Caribbean Dollar is the official currency of Anguilla, the US dollar is widely accepted across the island.

ATMs: ATMs can be found in many convenient locations throughout the island. We recommend withdrawals by Friday should you be staying the weekend.

Water: Water is potable. Bottled water is also available at most hotels and convenience stores.

Driving: Driving is on the left-hand side of the road, and a driver’s license is required.

Rentals: Car, jeeps and bike rentals available. Car rentals are readily available from Avis, Thrifty, Island Rentals with pick-up and drop off at Cuisinart. The cost is about $40/day with rental cost negotiable for weekly rental.

Airport: Clayton J. Lloyd Airport(AXA) is situated on the immediate outskirts of The Valley, the island’s main administrative and commercial centre. The runway is 5,440 feet and can accommodate small to medium size aircraft including the Dash 8, Super ATR 72, and most corporate jets. A locally owned licensed fixed base operation, service is available providing aircraft refueling, ground handling and full concierge services. Very few international flights fly directly into Anguilla but St.Maarten is very close and convenient and less expensive. 

International Gateways: The nearest international gateways are St. Maarten/Martin (7 minute flight)(, San Juan, Puerto Rico and Antigua (1 hour flight). Many international carriers fly into St.Maarten non-stop from Europe-Air France from Paris, KLM from Amsterdam. Also, West Jet from Toronto, Copa Avianca from Panama, Delta, United, Jet Blue from New York, Windwards Island Airline, Seaborne from Puerto Rico. Visit for worldwide connections or ITASoftware for US.  

Ferry: Easy Private Ferry service from across the street from SXM airport to Anguilla for about $500 one way(30minutes).

Local ferries begin operation at 7:30am and run regularly at 30-45 minute intervals up until 7:00pm from Marigot, St. Martin. The last ferry of the day from Anguilla leaves Blowing Point at 6:15pm. The crossing is about 20 minutes.  

Entry: Passport and return or onward ticket(s) required. Contact the Agricultural Department (264-497-2615) for information regarding pets, animals and seeing-eye dog importation.

Departure Tax: A US $20 departure tax applies to all tourists departing from Anguilla, whether by plane or ferry. There is no charge for children under twelve years old. The departure tax for day trips to surrounding islands is US $5 for trips through Blowing Point Ferry Terminal ONLY. Residents of Anguilla and residents of St. Martin/St. Maarten are also subject to a US $5 departure tax through Blowing Point Ferry Terminal.

Hotels: Several world class hotels besides the Cuisinart Golf Resort are present on Anguilla(Please email for discount meeting rates information). These include the Four Seasons(previously the Viceroy), Cap JulucaMalliouhana. These are all within 10 minutes by car from the Cuisinart which is the only property with its own golf course. All are incredible and rim beaches. There are others that are close by to these that are less expensive. Please email us for any further questions.